Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jellybean's arrival

Well, I've been meaning to post this for awhile now. I'm sure y'all can't guess why I wouldn't have time! So now I some catch up to do.

On April 27 I woke up around 9am feeling tired and huge and just yucky. Around 9:30 I thought I started feeling some contractions. I spent the morning in denial doing laundry, making my menu and grocery list etc. Around 11 I sat down to time them and they were 5-7 minutes apart for 1 hour. So I sat there thinking, I think this is it! Then I freaked out because my laundry room was flowing with dirty laundry, my refridgerator was empty and my hospital bag still had a few things to put it in so around I rushed to do the things that just had to be done while Jeff mowed the grass and went to the store for the essentials.

I sat back down to time the contractions and then I called my doctor to let her know that I was in labor. While I was waiting for her to call back my water broke. Exactly what I did not want to happen! I called the doctor back and told the nurse what happened and of course they told me to come right down.

By the time I got to the hospital I had a fever so I had to be placed on antibiotics. I was also positive for Strep B so I had to have medicine for that too. Jellybean's heart was also starting to fluctuate with contractions. This last little detail scared me a little but over all I felt an awesome sense of peace. By the time they got me to the birthing room my contractions were painful! From then on the night went rough. Basically to sum it all up, after 14 hours of labor I only dialated to 9cm and I just stayed there so I ended up having to have a C-section. But here is who I got to see after all of the work...
Jacob Andrew born on 4/28 at 5:00am 9lbs 4oz 21 inches long
Words cannot describe this moment. My heart will always treasure the first time I looked into his eyes.