Monday, November 16, 2009

4 Months, 16 Weeks

     It still seems so surreal that this is me. I keep wondering when it will all sink in. Probably the biggest news to report is that I'm pretty sure I have felt Jellybean moving around. He/she was pretty active in church yesterday. He/She liked the great sermons we had from Pastor Hofmaier (from the Philippines) and from Daddy. ;-) As Jellybean gets bigger I'm really curious to see how much he/she moves when Jeff preaches.We have 4 more weeks and we get to find out who Jellybean is. We cannot wait! I've been dying to decorate the nursery ever since we found out we were pregnant. Since I can't decorate the nursery yet I've been working on other things like...
-Organizing all my maternity clothes in my closet by color. (I have AWESOME friends who have given me lots of clothes. I guess there is an advantage to having your first when some of your friends are done having children.)
- Scheduling Childbirth Classes and hospital tour.
- Reading about and comparing about a million and one kinds of strollers, pack-and-plays, highchairs, etc. (I found a highchair and swing that match my livingroom and kitchen's decor! Pretty pumped about that. I figure baby gear is so big it might as well look nice taking up space right?)
- Getting books like Baby Wise and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child to read and critique.
- Talking to other moms about what baby gear they like and don't like.

I like to be prepared and organized. :-) I've resisted the urge to sit down and prepare preschool lessons and materials. Because after all I don't know who my student is. LOL!

Once we find out who Jellybean is then I can go crazy registering and decorating! Since I haven't been substitute teaching too much and I am dying to do something with my hands I'm thinking I might sew some of the decor with my Grandma Chase. As soon as I told her that I was pregnant she said, "Well we'll be doing lots of sewing this winter." I've been sewing with her as long as I can remember!


funlovingtoots157 said...

beautiful blog lisa! that's funny, because that is when auna would move the most- - sunday, sitting there in the pew :) it's also when i had the worse/most contractions towards then end. haha!
something about sundays and preaching... also, i have the baby wise book. i am through with reading it and implementing it already, so you are welcome to have that. i also have a baby bottle warmer, if you would like that. if you are planning on pumping so daddy can feed bean once in a while? let me know on fb and i can bring it this sunday!
love ya :)

Shelly said...

That's funny that you felt movement in church because I was about as far along as you when I first felt Shaylin in church. We told our pastor that she must have really liked his sermon.