Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jellybean is a BOY!

Most of you have probably heard by now that Jellybean is a boy. A very healthy boy! He is in the 91st percentile for height and weight. If he is keeps growing at this rate he might be an April baby instead of a May baby! :-)
We are thrilled that Jellybean is a little boy. Growing up I'd always pictured myself as having a girl first, but all that we have been through these past 5 years has a way of changing those "picture perfect" dreams. Many thoughts come to mind after finding out Jellybean is a boy:

1. This isn't our first child, it is not even our second  or third child. Who knows anyone of the children we lost could have been girls.
2. Waiting, praying, and crying for just one healthy child for all these years has made me thankful for either a boy or a girl. We are just thrilled to have A child!
3. In all the infertility challenges a thought that made me the saddest was the fact that Jeff is the last Johnson and I wanted so bad to give him a little boy. Someone who would carry on the Johnson name. In God's miraculous goodness He had allowed me to give my loving, faithful husband a little boy.
4. Ever since I knew for sure that I was pregnant I have felt that Jellybean was a boy. So I have had 5 months to sit and think about raising a little boy. There isn't a better man to raise a son than my husband. Lord willing one day our little boy will be a fine Christian man thanks to the loving, faithful example of his daddy who daily exemplifies the love and compassion of our Heavenly Father.

All in all, I've learned through the years that God's ways are not our ways. His ways are PERFECT!

I'm recovering from a sinus infection so you will just have to ignore how bad I look!

Jellybean stretching

His profile. Our favorite picture. He has Jeff's big head! :-) Just look at his cute little facial features!

The proof that Jellybean is definitely a boy! ;-)

Jeff's little baby outfit and shoes. His mom had them all washed and ready for us to take home and put on Jellybean! No we haven't decided on a name yet.


okjac80 said...

I love the pics! Isn't it amazing how you can already make out features? :)

Shelly said...

I totally started crying when I saw your belly pic. You look so cute & I'm just so happy for you!

AkaPJTheGreat said...

how bad you look? I think you look amazing... congratulations cuz :)

Kelly said...

You look so beautiful, Lisa!!!! I'm so very happy for you~~ God does all things well!!! and I can see how He has used this trial to teach you so much and make you more like the Savior~~isn't He good!!!! Trials are so hard but so profitable for our souls and though we want to shrink back during them, we find Him to be enough and to give peace which passes all understanding.. I love you!!!! and can't wait to meet your son :-)