Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Church Shower March 18, 2010

The scrumptious cake Bonnie made.The diaper cake Diana made.

There were strollers filled with jellybeans all over the table! :-)
As always the ladies at GIRBC were soooo generous! Not only did I get a great variety of clothes and nursery essentials, but I also received my travel system!
       Some of my dear friends who hosted the shower.
One of the games they played was trying to guess how big around I was by tearing off toilet paper squares. It was HILARIOUS to see all of the shenanigans they pulled trying to figure out how big I was. Since I'm the only pregnant woman at GIRBC right now a lot of people think that I am "so big." They've been waiting for me to pop for about two months now! :-) Much to everyone's suprise I am ONLY 11 squares big! LOL!

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